My name is Nathaniel Miller, and I’m a graphic designer, formerly from New York City, now residing in Geneva with a Swiss B Permit. 

In NYC, I worked for a variety of clients and agencies within publishing and advertising in both a creative and studio capacity. Since moving to Geneva, my full range of professional abilities have been put to use, from design to illustration, writing and photography. Over my career to-date I have created everything from small magazine advertisements to posters, infographics, social media share graphics, brochures, books, dimensional store displays and more. As an art director in NYC I oversaw a team of off-site production artists, liasoning with clients and providing solutions to unique problems that were both on-brand and on-time. Most recently, I was hired by an NGO as their sole in-house print designer, evolving into a more web/social media focus. One thing that I have found throughout my career is that throughout it all, no matter what my role, a healthy team environment is something I strongly believe in and have always done my best to help foster. With that, most anything can be accomplished.

It is always my desire to help clients communicate better, illuminating the core message to a wider audience. What I can offer you is my experience, my dedication, and my skills. Let’s work together.